THE DRIVE @ The Schweinefiletring™

Deep in Germany, there is a race track through the hills called the Nürburgring.  You may 

have heard of it.  Or, you may live deep in a cave.  Either way, we’re pretty sure you don’t know we have our own ‘ring in Indiana.  And, since it’s Indiana, it’s also larger than life – dwarfing the Nürburgring by 10 times.  So large, in fact, that it has its own name: The Schweinefiletring™ (translation: Pork Tenderloin Ring)!

Drive the published route (either direction) ANYTIME during the weekend of June 22&23.  It’s a loop route so you can start anywhere on the route.  

Ring FunFacts

                       Nürburgring             Schweinefiletring™

Length:             17.5 miles                       175 miles

Main Loop:    Nordschleife              Frittiertenschleife™

                       “North Loop”                    “Fried Loop”

Small Loop:    Südschleife                Gegrilltenschleife™

                       “South Loop”                  “Grilled Loop”

Race History:        250+                                   0

Tenderloin               0                         Too many to count! 


The Schweinefiletring™ route is in place for the June 22, 23 event!  Keep scrolling down this page for the details.  Come back to this page on June 21. We will run the route again the week before and make adjustments, if necessary, due to road construction.

POI pics: Be creative but make it identifiable as the POI!

Good Example


 Why? Nice car in the foreground. Friendly guy behind the wheel. More importantly, clearly shows the POI. Points Awarded. 

Bad Example


 Why? This is a pretty good picture of a turtle. However, we can’t easily tell if the turtle is chilling at Shoals Overlook, Mt. Healthy School, or in Phil’s backyard. No Points Awarded. 

Route POI’s and Google Map URL's - Clockwise Drive


POI 1: Downtown Nashville. North Van Buren and East Main looking West.


POI 6: Dam Road Park, Williams – NOTE the park turn off is the steep road down to the river


POI 7: Interstate 69 bridge over SR54 – take pic from car as you approach

Route POI’s and Google Map URL's - CounterClockwise Drive