The Tire Squeal™ 2020! June 20-28


At the famous Schweinefiletring™



Road Hog Productions

Proudly Presents:

THE TIRE SQUEAL - 2020 // 2nd Annual Running of the Pigs at the Schweinefiletring™

Our Inaugural The Tire Squeal 2019 run was awesome!  Over 250 drivers.  Over $15,000 raised.  Over $6,000 in prizes won!  But sadly it's over.  There was nothing left to do but do it again.  So, we're back with the Second Annual Tire Squeal!  Bigger, Better, Tastier!

 Have you heard there’s more than corn in Indiana? Yep, there is also a delicacy known as the Pork Tenderloin. And, if you live here, you know the Indiana Pork Tenderloin is not just any old slab of pork on a bun. It’s a larger-than-life, bigger-than-bun, hubcap-sized-grilled-or-breaded pork sandwich with the fixin’s!

In Indiana, we’re also a little car crazy. We host larger-than-life races that the whole world watches. What we’re not so well known for is scenic driving experiences. However, there are hundreds of miles of twisty, wooded roads in Indiana – you just have to know where to find them.

     Deep in Germany, there is a race track through the hills called the Nürburgring.  You may 

have heard of it. Or, you may live deep in a cave.  Either way, we’re pretty sure you don’t know we have our own ‘ring in Indiana.  And, since it’s Indiana, it’s also larger than life – dwarfing the Nürburgring by 10 times.  So large, in fact, that it has its own name: The Schweinefiletring™ (translation: Pork Tenderloin Ring)!

We're bringing Indiana's Pork Tenderloin together with our 'Ring for the first time for a good cause and delicious results!  The Tire Squeal will satisfy your driving hunger, and fill you with good food from local eateries.  We've also teamed with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana to help others in need by providing 100% of money and food raised directly to them.

How's this work?  Drive the published route (either direction) ANYTIME during June 20 -28.  It’s a loop route so you can start anywhere on the route.   Eat at the participating restaurants.  Rules and how to score points for a share of  over $10,000 in prizes are on the Points and Prizes page.



We are excited to announce that all funds donated to The Tire Squeal will benefit Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana & Feeding Indiana's Hungry network!

OUR GOAL FOR 2020 IS TO RAISE $15,000!

 Please  help our team in our efforts to be Hunger Heroes for many in our  community who go to bed hungry far too often. Your support of Gleaners  will have a huge impact on many of our neighbors. Please give what you  can. Any gift, big or small, can make a difference.  

A gift of just $20,  could help feed up to 80 people! 

  As our way of saying thanks, if you've registered and donate $75 or more, The Tire Squeal will give you a Schweienefiletring™ event T-shirt.  If your donation is $125 or more, The Tire Squeal will give you a Schweienefiletring™ T-shirt and event hat.  


More than just a driving event

If you live here you know there’s more than corn in Indiana. Yep, there is also a delicacy known as




Consisting of 175 miles of on public driving roads mapped out for your driving enjoyment.  All types of road-legal vehicles are encouraged to participate. 





You'll find many stops serving good 'ol Tenderloins along the way.  Several volunteers have sampled many offerings on the route and will not stop until all have been savored.  





There are many ways for points to be scored.   Individuals and Teams can compete for points.  Over $10,000 in prizes will make the winners squeal with delight!

Before you register for The Tire Squeal™, let’s get some things straight. This event is for fun and to raise money for charity.  This is not a contest of speed or driving skill. This is not an encouragement to eat too much. We’ve provided you a map of private restaurants and a route on public roads. They aren’t our roads. They aren’t our restaurants. You are in complete control of your vehicle and your decisions. So, in the unfortunate event that you have an accident or indigestion, don’t blame us. We aren’t requiring any money to enter.  By registering you're making yourself eligible for prizes.  If you send us the pictures we requested (and hopefully make a donation to Gleaners Food Bank), we’ll tally points and, if you win, you’ll get a cool prize and bragging rights. Simple, right?

However, since there is always that person that wants to blame someone else, you must read the entire LEGAL DISCLAIMER that comes along with your registration. When you register for this event, you accept the terms and conditions.