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The Tire Squeal hopes you and your family are safe and healthy during the COVID-19 emergency.  At this time, the Governor’s timeline indicates that Indiana will be fully open for business by the time The Tire Squeal 2020 runs.  It is our intent to run the event as planned.

We will continue to monitor the lockdown announcements and work with our restaurants and sponsor partners prior to the event. Any changes to the event will be posted on this page, as well as the website in general.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to getting out and having a good time in June.

Where does the route Start?

The route can be started anywhere on the loop, and can be run in either direction.

When I can run the route?

Anytime from 12:01AM Saturday June 20 – 11:59PM Sunday June 28

It’s a long route, do I have to run the whole thing?

No, you can run just the parts you want. However, you won’t score all the possible points.

Do I have to run the whole route on the same day?

No, we’ve spread out the event so that you can run it across multiple days.  Most people will run it in one day.

Is a GPX route file available?  I ride a motorcycle and can't easily use Google maps.

A waypoint / critical turn .gpx file for the clockwise route is available to download at the bottom of this page.  It will download as a .txt file.  Simply change the extension from .txt to .gpx after you download it.  Uploading it into your particular GPS system is your responsibility.

Do I have to own a pig to participate?

Pig ownership is optional. And technically it’s not a frequently asked question.

Do I have to make a donation to register?

No, donations are voluntary but greatly appreciated.

If I make a donation to Gleaners, am I automatically registered?

No, donations and registration are not the same.  Even if you give a donation first, you must also register through this site to score points.  We must have your information and agreement to our Terms and Conditions to participate.

How do I sign up for a team?

Each individual in the team must first register to score points. In the registration form there is an optional space to put your team name. You will be then be linked with that team. INDIVIDUAL points are added together for the team points.

What if I get lost?

We only had one car unable to navigate to a Point of Interest last year.  The google map directions have embedded waypoints to keep you on the correct roads. However, we strongly encourage you have a GPS system or paper map with you during the drive. Additionally, this year we have published the coordinates of each Point of Interest on the Route list that you can enter into your GPS if all else fails. Another option is to program your GPS (if it allows importing route files) with the .gpx file we provided for motorcyclists at the bottom of this page.

How can I reach out to other participants?

We don't share other's  contact information, but you can always post through our 

Facebook page - "The Tire Squeal".

I don’t eat Pork, can I participate?

Of course! All participating restaurants serve non-Pork meals. 

How do I submit my pictures?

Mail to the address that is provided to you in your registration confirmation. They must be mailed from your registration e-mail address for us to make the match.

Can I run with others?

We encourage it – it’s more fun! Run with a team, or meet up at the designated POI/Start time that will be provided to entrants prior to the start date. 

When do I submit my pictures?

Anytime from 12:01AM Saturday June 20 – 11:59PM Sunday June 28. Submissions not accepted before or after.

Riddles?  Why did you include Riddles this year?  I suck at solving Riddles.

Well, we suck at writing them, so we're probably even.

What if the weather is bad?

The event runs over several days, so hopefully there will be some nice days.   In any case, the event runs regardless of weather.

What format should pictures be in?

JPG preferred, HEIC or other phone pc formats, or even BMP. PLEASE no PDF files. Also, if you choose to reduce the size, don’t reduce too much! We need to be able to read the receipts!

Can anyone register?

No, you must be at least 18 years old to register.

I’ve seen other events use this route, are they associated with The Tire Squeal™?

No, The Tire Squeal™ is only this annual event and the Schweinefiletring™ is our trademarked property. We love it that others enjoy using the route throughout the year, but this is the only official event!


Right Click to Download GPX file

fullrouteclockwise (txt)